David Dreyer's Ship List
1896 - 1938
Data extracted from passenger arrival manifests & border crossing records for the ports of
Baltimore, Ellis Island, Galveston, Philadelphia, Canadian ports and Bremen departure records
Last Updated 13 January, 2019

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Name Age Arrived Ship Ports Destination State Village Comments Arrival Date
ADAMS Margaretha 20 12 Mar 1906 Main Bremen/Baltimore Wyandotte MI Johannisfeld 1906-03-12
ADAMS Nikolaus 35 2 Apr 1907 Slavonia Fiume/NY Cincinnati OH Johannisfeld Accompanied by daughter, Susanna 14, both born in Johannisfeld [*7 Aug 1870, +22 More ... 1907-04-02
ADAMS Peter 29 9 Mar 1911 Pres Grant Hamburg/NY St Louis MO Johannisfeld Born in Johannisfeld. Wife, Katharine Adams, lives in Johannisfeld. Going to joi More ... 1911-03-09
ADAMS Wilhelm 38 22 Mar 1905 Wittekind Bremen/Baltimore Baltimore MD Johannisfeld [*1867, son of Nikolaus Adams and Anna Sch?fer] 1905-03-22
ADAMS Wilhelm 39 2 Apr 1907 Slavonia Fiume/NY Cincinnati OH Johannisfeld Born in Johannisfeld. Going to join cousin, Martin Engelmann [* ca 1867 son of N More ... 1907-04-02
ADAMSZ Franz 27 20 Mar 1914 Pres Grant Hamburg/NY Detroit MI Johannisfeld Born in Johannisfeld. Accompanied by wife, Margaret 26, born in Orzydorf. Father More ... 1914-03-20
ADAMSZ Marianna 23 28 Sep 1907 K Augusta Victoria Hamburg/NY Cincinnati OH Johannisfeld Born in Johannisfeld. Father, Johann Adamsz, lives in Johannisfeld. Going to joi More ... 1907-09-28
ADAMSZ Peter 29 9 Mar 1911 Pres Grant Hamburg/NY St Louis MO Johannisfeld Born in Johannisfeld. Wife, Katharina Adamsz, lives in Johannisfeld. Going to jo More ... 1911-03-09
ADELHARDT Georg 49 8 Jun 1913 Martha Washington Trieste/NY Detroit MI Ploschitz Born in Ploschitz. Wife, Anna Adelhardt, lives in Ploschitz. Going to join son, More ... 1913-06-08
ADELMANN Anna 18 30 Nov 1906 Slavonia Fiume/NY Chicago IL St Anna Born in Neu St Anna. Going to join cousin, Anton Gall. 1906-11-30
ADELMANN Anton 18 3 May 1928 Derfflinger Bremen/Halifax Winnipeg MB St Anna Mother, Anna Adelmann, lives at St Anna 649. Canadian passenger ship recod [*23 More ... 1928-05-03
ADELMANN Miksa 58wd 23 Nov 1908 Pannonia Fiume/NY Apache OK St Anna (Neu) Born in Neu St Anna. Accompanied by daughter, Magdalena 18, born in Simand. Brot More ... 1908-11-23
ADLER Anton 26 10 Feb 1912 Cap Arcona Ham/Lp La Plata AG Kathreinfeld 1912-02-10
ADLER Anton 28 10 Feb 1912 Cap Arcona Ham/Lp Buenos Aires Argentina AG Kathreinfeld 1912-02-10
ADLER Anton 28 16 Aug 1913 Main Bremen/Baltimore St Louis MO St Georgen Born in St Georgen. Accompanied by wife, Katharina 28 and daughter, Rosa 6. Wife More ... 1913-08-16
ADLER Elisabeth 31 29 Aug1906 Pannonia Fiume/NY College Point NY Glogowatz Accompanied by kids, Anna 7 and Sebastian 6. Going to join husband, Josef Adler. 1906-08-29
ADLER Josef 36 12 Dec 1905 Pannonia Fiume/NY New York NY Glogowatz 1905-12-12
ADLER Leopold 22 10 Apr 1905 Chemnitz Bremen/NY New York NY Perjamosch Going to join aunt, Margaretha Hehn. Hebrew. 1905-04-10
ADLER Margaret 27 2 Jun 1929 Westphalia Hamburg/Halifax Winnipeg MB Perjamosch Father, Johann Adler, lives in Perjamosch. Canadian passenger ship record. 1929-06-02
ADRIAN Andeas 43 21 Mar 1909 Pannonia Fiume/NY Cleveland OH Gertianosch Born in Gertianosch. Wife lives in Gertianosch. Going to join brother-in-law, Mi More ... 1909-03-21

Many thanks to David Dreyer for his dedicated and extraordinary research in the extraction and compilation of this valuable ancestry data.
Thanks also to Pete Schmidt who helped David Dreyer over the years to bring this data to the Internet.

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